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DayZ Update 1.18 – What’s New in DayZ?

The DayZ Update 1.18 is here, and with it comes many new features and improvements. Here are some of the new things you can expect. There are also improvements to 1st person gameplay. In addition to these changes, there are also several bug fixes. Let’s take a look at some of the most noteworthy changes in the new update. There are a few new things you can do as well, so read on for more details.

New weapons

The new DayZ update 1.15 introduces many new features, including new weapons and a female survivor. In addition to the new weapons, this new update also fixes a clipping issue with headgear. In addition to that, audio feedback has been added to weapon fire modes. So what’s new in DayZ? Keep reading to find out! 🙂 Also included are some fixes for the quality of life issues. Headgear and balaclavas will now work properly again, and head torches can be put in the glasses inventory slot. Moreover, new tools will be available for server owners to make simple and significant adjustments in the multiplayer experience.

The CR-550 Savanna is the most powerful weapon in DayZ, and can take out even the most heavily armored enemies with one hit. Although this weapon was already included in the DayZ version, the update also adds new versions of it. For example, you can now use the CR-550 Savanna with a 5-round magazine. Additionally, it has a hunting scope, which makes it one of the most powerful weapons in DayZ.

Another new weapon is the le-MAS assault rifle, which uses 5.56mm ammunition. These guns can be used in single and burst fire modes. Besides that, new versions of the game’s control scheme allow players to adjust sensitivity settings on their controllers. You can now play the game at 60 frames per second on PlayStation 5 consoles. The new weapons also make it possible for you to play the game at 60 FPS on the PlayStation 5 system.

The DayZ update 1.17 also adds a new option for players to customize the sensitivity of their controls. The new option allows you to change the controls according to your preferences, and it doesn’t affect the existing scheme. However, this control scheme could change depending on user feedback. In the meantime, you can still enjoy the game with your new weaponry. If you’re looking for more updates and content, make sure you download the new DayZ update.

New maps

A new update for DayZ is coming in April. The game will feature new maps in 2022. Right now, the game’s map is mainly comprised of fields and forest areas. The developers hope to make Livonia a more lively place with new assets. In addition to new maps, the game will include an expanded story line centered around Hannah. Bohemia Interactive is planning to spread the Hannah story in DayZ as well, but details on this are scarce.

In addition to new weapons, the game will also get new terrain and landmarks. In addition to the new maps, the developers will also work on improving vehicle controls and controller support. Hopefully, this new update will address all of the issues players are experiencing with DayZ. There’s no time to lose with this game! You’ve got to get out there and explore all the new maps in DayZ! You’ll never know what’s around the corner. With each new update, you’ll be able to get the latest weapon.

If you’ve played DayZ, you know how challenging it is. The original version of the game was a mod for Arma 2. You had to hunt and kill zombies to survive, manage food and water, and loot pools until they ran dry. Today, it’s even more challenging than before, and is one of the best PC games of all time. The Steam Workshop support made it even more fun than before, as there’s hundreds of dedicated community servers for players to help them get the best possible game.

Bohemia Interactive has released a roadmap for 2022, and the developer has confirmed that the game will continue to add new maps and new weapons. As of right now, DayZ is at version 1.37 on PC and 1.16 on console. So, if you’re still waiting, be ready to install the new patch and get ready for the next round. Just don’t forget to share your thoughts with us! When you’re done playing DayZ, make sure to let us know how much you think of the new maps and features!

Improvements to 1st-person gameplay

While DayZ’s 3rd person view is great for exploring, a first-person view is far more effective in bringing the game’s full potential to life. Often, a third-person perspective is more convenient for looking over fences, but it takes away the thrill of finding people and looting buildings. With these improvements, DayZ’s first-person experience will finally be fully realized.

The DayZ update 1.17 is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Besides adding new weapons, this update also adds new sensitivity settings for the controls. Currently, players can adjust the sensitivity settings by using the D-pad or mouse wheel. Players can also adjust the difficulty level by using the up/down buttons on their controller’s D-pad. To keep the game challenging, developers have added new mechanics such as gas masks and cookware deteriorate over time.

Other changes include adding more resources and crafting gear. DayZ now offers more options for interacting with the environment, gathering resources, and creating gear. At launch, DayZ had been criticized for its lack of items and limited interactivity. Now, players will be able to make more effective items and gear without sacrificing their first-person experience. The new update will also introduce new weapons, vehicles, and in-depth gameplay concepts.

While the update has added sensitivity settings to the keyboard and mouse, there have also been significant changes to the game’s control scheme. One of these improvements is the addition of heavy attacks by pressing the Y button instead of using the X button. Users will still be able to use voice activation while the inventory is open. However, if you prefer to use the keyboard, you’ll have to disable voice activation to avoid distractions.

Another improvement to first-person gameplay in DayZ is the inclusion of new weapons. A new type of melee weapon is the improvised spear. This can be crafted with two knives. Players will need two knives to make it. Aside from this, there are also new sensitivity settings and an entirely new collection of firearms. Lastly, new game modes have been added such as the Walpurgis Night event, which is based on the Christian celebration of a similar name. The update also adds new items, including witch hats, burning stakes, cauldrons, and other witch-related things.

Bug fixes

The DayZ update is set to go live later today, and it will include a brief server downtime. The patch will contain various bug fixes and improvements. However, the biggest change in this patch is that it will not add any new content. Instead, it will bring a handful of bug fixes and improvements to the game. To play the new version of the game, players will have to download a new patch. This patch should take approximately one hour to download.

The DayZ PS4 Update 1.17 fixes several bugs that made the game unplayable, including the lags experienced while killing infected enemies. The update will also add a new revolver and a Deagle pistol to the game’s arsenal. The update will also bring a kitchen timer, add some more weapons, and apply several quality of life improvements. There are some other notable changes in this patch.

DayZ version 1.09 contains many bug fixes and enhancements. For instance, running vehicles are no longer damaging players when they are stationary. Additionally, fish will float above the ground instead of crashing into them. In addition to these changes, the update also fixes several visual issues and improves textures of buildings and props. A new character spawn option is available if damaged gear is not removed from the player’s inventory.

Other improvements and bug fixes included in this update include stability improvements and bug fixes for consoles and PC. The PS4 version of DayZ has fixed several crashes and has reduced freezes. It has also added a new crafting system. And a new contaminated zone. But the new day isn’t quite over yet. DayZ is still a great game, but it’s important to keep in mind that you should only download it if you’re able to afford it.

Despite being a minor patch, DayZ is still plagued with bugs that affect the overall game experience. A few of these issues were incredibly irritating, and the latest update should fix them. The CR-550 Savanna rifle has been added, as well as the Longhorn pistol and P1 pistol. Other bugs fixed with this patch include a number of issues related to crafting. So keep an eye out for this one!


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