Period Delay Tablets: What You Need To Know

As summer is fast approaching and people are gearing up for their vacations. Some of you are heading to the coast, while some might be taking time off for a gorgeous city break. Whatever the trip, there are many important factors to plan, such as when your period might come and how best to deal with this.

 Although everyone deserves a good break and time to rest, one big worry is that you might get your period at the start of your holiday. How annoying it would be to feel bloated, get painful cramps, experience PMS, and navigate period products at the beginning of your holiday. In these moments, that period delaying pills can come in handy and help you at these inconvenient times. They can enable you to suppress your period for the length of your holiday, which can be a massive relief for many women.

What Are Period Delaying Pills

As the name connotes, these pills are made for women who wish to suppress and delay their periods. Women choose to take these if they face their period at inconvenient times, for example, on their wedding day, during a beach holiday, or during a significant work event. In addition, these tablets can be an effective solution to unfortunate side effects that you might experience during your period.

The pills work by affecting progesterone levels and stopping the womb’s lining from breaking down. They are a synthetic form of progesterone that help change your body’s hormone levels. All you have to do is take the tablet three days before your period and consistently three times a day until you are ready to bleed again. You can go to pharmacies like, who sell norethisterone tablets, which help delay periods.

How Are They Different From Birth Control

While several types of birth control can also stop your period, period delaying pills do not act as a form of contraception. This is because birth control pills have hormones that prevent the body from ovulating, thus making it nearly impossible to get pregnant. So the functions of both types of medications are very different. However, if you are sexually active while taking period-delaying tablets, you must make sure that you use some form of contraception to ensure you are safe from sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy.

Will Your Period Come Back?

For these pills to work, you have to take them consistently when you want your period delayed. However, your period will usually come back one to four days after you stop taking the pills. However, this varies from person to person as your body readjusts its hormone levels back to normal. However, if you notice any irregularities with your period after taking the pill, it is worth consulting with your doctor or carrying out a pregnancy test. It is also essential to talk to your doctor before taking these pills, or any other medication to ensure that they are suitable for you and your body.


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