Rise of the Unemployed Wise Man

Rise of the Unemployed Wise Man

If you love manga, then you’ve probably heard of the Rise of the Unemployed Wise Man. This series is written by Mikawa Ghost and Oomine. As of this writing, there are 73 chapters that have been translated into English. Additional chapters are in the process of being translated. To stay updated on new chapter releases, you can create an account on the site. This way, you’ll be able to follow the story from the comfort of your home.


The parents of Karna are largely shut out of the story. They live on a farm in the middle of nowhere. They likely don’t know that their grandson is working as a demon lord’s servant. The grandparents, who raised their son in their absence, are largely in the dark. But they do play an important role in the story, as they serve as the primary motivator of the grandchild’s desire to become rich.

When Karna is thirteen years old, he undergoes the Revelation ceremony. His skill at Necromancy is recognized and he receives a title from the gods. He goes on to earn a living as an adventurer, joining a party of Heros to earn money for his sick grandparents. Unfortunately, he finds himself turning against humanity in order to gain the money to support his grandparents.

The next time Karna is trying to build a dungeon, he realizes that it is too difficult to construct. He wants to place a zombie dragon king at the entrance, but Aisha complains about this, and Karna instead introduces a mobius loop hallway. This hallway has a single entrance that traps a person for 100 years and can only be exited by using dimensional transfer magic.

While Nodence may be more powerful than the others, his mark is the most impressive. He can invoke Lightning of Despair. However, this spell has a limit, as it can only fry a handful of enemies at a time. It is also an energy drain, reducing the mana of the wielding hero. In addition, it takes up a great deal of the wielder’s mana, and it drains the shaman’s mana.

His adventures

If you are looking for manga that is a bit more original than what you’ll find on your typical comic book store shelf, try The Rise of the Unemployed Wise Man. This manga, written by Mikawa Ghost and Oomine, is one of the most popular works by these two popular artists. There are 73 chapters of the series that have already been translated. The rest are still in progress. You can sign up for updates, and you can even create an account.

His grandparents’ plight

The anime adaptation of “Rise of the unemployed wise man and his grandparents” is set in the distant future. Originally written by Tsuyoshi Yoshioka and illustrated by Seiji Kikuchi, the series began serialization in January 2015, and was acquired by Enterbrain in December 2017. The original series is now collected in eighteen tankobon volumes. A TV adaptation aired from April to April 2019, adapted by Silver Link.


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