She so Perfect in her Own Little World Lyrics

She So Perfect In Her Own Little World Lyrics By Joey Bada$$

The song She So Perfect In Her Own Little World by Joey Bada$$ features two artists that are considered the most influential in hip-hop today: Statik Selektah and Joey Bada$$. Statik is a rapper and Joey Bada$$ is a singer. These two artists are able to create such strong lyrics that they are often referred to as “shining stars.”

Statik Selektah

The “Don’t Front” remix is one of my favorite songs in the rap game. I can hear Nas and Joey Bada$$ rapping about their love life, and I love the beat with Gary Clark Jr.’s catchy rhythm. The song is definitely bumping for a while, and I can’t wait to hear what else Statik Selektah has to offer.

Statik Selektah’s Extended Play has its flaws, but what makes this album so successful is its production and songwriting. While any compilation deejay/producer album has its fair share of flaws, “What Goes Around” strikes a decent balance between too many cooks spoiling the broth and too little talent. The production is good, the lyrical content is catchy, and the lyrics are solid and meaningful.

The lyrics to “She’s So Perfect in Her Own Little World” are written by Statik Selektah and Joey Bada$$. Both rappers are known for writing the best hip hop lyrics, and the duo’s signature flows lend themselves to this collaboration. Despite the song’s mature tone, it sounds like a young woman who is lost in her own world. If you’ve been searching for the perfect song to express your love for someone special, this is it.

The ‘To Kill a Sunrise’ finale ties up all the loose ends of the previous albums and combines the characteristics of each track. With this, “To Kill a Sunrise” is one of the best rap albums of the year. Statik Selektah’s smooth flows and legendary production make this rap album one of the best in the year.

Joey Bada$$

She’s So Perfect In Her Own Little World is a song sung by Joey Bada$$ and written by Statik Selektah and Joey Bada$$. Originally named “Love is Only a Feeling,” the song is about a woman who has a hard time finding love. It was released on September 17, 2017 and was quickly changed to the current title. The lyrics were originally written by Statik Selektah and Joey Bada$$ and were updated within a day.

The video for the song “She’s So Perfect in Her Own Little World” has received a largely positive response. It samples the HomeSHAKE track “Love is Only a Feeling” and features Joey raving about a girl, a striking contrast to the song’s title. Regardless of whether the track becomes a hit, it was a commercial success for both artists.


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