Sword King in a Womens World Free

Sword King in a Womens World Free

The sword king, an immortal, was left to fend for himself in a women-free world and was given the goal of survival and strength, piercing his own chest and slaying a host of enemies. His quest to become stronger and more powerful was prompted by a system that left his harem in a fantasy world dungeon. This article will discuss how the sword techniques of cheng yunxin are exquisite and exceptional.

Immortal swordsman in a womens world

Chu Qing is an expert cultivator of the sword. He accidentally enters the Fairy Realm 300 years ago and begins his cultivation. His path eventually leads him to open the Hall of Time and Space, and at the age of seventeen he returns to earth. However, his world has been reversed. Women have become strong, and he must defeat them to survive in this world of men and women.

In a past life, Lin Feng was a max level swordsman. He vowed to never depend on a girl again. He began his cultivation journey to forge a better world for men in this matriarchal society. However, his goal wasn’t so simple as it seems. He would have to conquer the world of women, and make it a place for men.

a harem in the fantasy world dungeon

A harem in the fantasy world is a series of Japanese light novels about a mercenary named Michio Kaga. His aimless life takes a turn when he is transported into an enchanting fantasy world. He learns to use his powers to become an adventurer, earn money, and claim idol-level beauty girls for his harem.


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