The Savior’s Book Cafe Story in Another World Chapter 17

The Savior’s Book Cafe Story in Another World is a manga series based on novels written by Kyouka Izumi. This series revolves around a book cafe and the romance it can bring. In chapter seventeen, we learn about the romance and new powers Tsukina discovers. We also get a glimpse of the savior’s misusing of her magical powers and her love interest.

Tsukina’s newfound magical powers

As a child, Tsukina is the childhood friend of Sakai Tokikaze and Licht Bach. In 300 years, while pregnant, she tried to thwart Licht’s berserk behavior but failed. Licht shot Tsukina, killing her, but her brain survived. Her newfound powers enable her to use her magical powers to save the kingdom from a potential catastrophe.

The savior’s misusing her power

A meddling god decides to send a young woman to another world where she can use her magical powers to save the world. He chooses several savior candidates, but he sends Tsukina anyway as a back-up candidate. When Tsukina arrives in the new world, she finds a magical book cafe called the Book Cafe of Dreams and an enchanted item that allows her to create anything. This enchanted item gives Tsukina magical powers that will help her fight against the evil god and save the world from danger.

While running her cafe, Tsukina finds that there is another savior living in the same kingdom. Unlike her, this one is not interested in saving the world. She is abusive to her staff, has influence over the crown prince, and does not control her god-granted magic. She must learn to control her powers to save the world. And once she does, she discovers that the other savior is misusing her power in another world.

Tsukina’s love interest

Tsukina’s love interest is Cathy Seton, a woman who is summoned to another world by the saviors. In this world, she has a mission: to restore peace. As she works to restore peace, she becomes more obsessed with reading. This desire for books leads to a complicated relationship with her love interest, who is actually a god.


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